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The Gummy Gallops - Toothless Track


The Gummy Gallops build has been postponed.


The Gummy Gallops is PB’s newest addition to the livery - a purpose-built track system made with the sole intention of providing toothless equines with the many benefits of track life whilst catering to their additional needs.

For nearly 5 years we have been open as a commercial Paddock Paradise (track system) livery, offering our services and set-up to a diverse range of horses, all of whom have benefitted from life on track in more ways than one. It has since become apparent that there is a gap in the equine world that toothless horses specifically with EMS, Arthritis, stiffness and general diet/movement related issues fall in to. This doesn’t just apply to completely toothless horses but those with on-going dental issues which has led to an inability to eat hay.

The Gummy Gallops Track is based off the original concept of the Paddock Paradise but with some modifications made to the set-up in order to cater for this specific cluster of needs. As with any Paddock Paradise track system true to the concept, adlib (netted) hay is provided at various feeding stations to encourage movement throughout the day. Feeding stations are typically placed apart from one another and away from any water to avoid horses camping in one area, encouraging them to move from one station to another to another. The movement achieved on track not only contributes to weight loss and the reduction of fat pads (EMS), but also improves stiffness and swelling caused by Arthritis, tones muscle, stimulates new healthy hoof growth and provides mental stimulation, aiding in the reduction of anxiety, stress or boredom related behaviours.

How will it work?

Instead of offering adlib hay at various feeding stations, the Gummy Gallops members will be on a diet of ‘slop’ which will be on offer in multiple large buckets at multiple feeding stations, accompanied by additional buckets of finely chopped chaff. The GG members will move to fulfil their needs, as any horse on any track system should do, not only supporting their dietary restrictions but encouraging some much-needed movement in their old age.

Jesse and Bramble -

We have already trialled this particular set up with two long-term residents of PB, Jesse and Bramble and have had great success with this as opposed to feeding in one area (still on a track system) which was done for a few years before. Jesse (Arab) is approaching 33 years of age, has very little to no teeth and has maintained her weight just as successfully as Bramble (Cob) who is in his late 20s and has better use of his teeth. Both however are unable to eat any hay and can pull very little grass.

Availability –

The Gummy Gallops Track is currently being built but we are a running a waiting list for those interested in this particular service and would like to book a viewing once the track is finished. 

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