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Non Ridden - Long Term Livery

The non-ridden or long term package is a full livery package aimed towards owners who want to provide their horses with a more species appropriate lifestyle, who aren't in need of rehabilitation work nor are they retired. We do not accept horses that require riding during their stay with us at this particular site, but we can offer this at our new ridden livery yard. This package has been most common with owners wanting their horses to mature in an environment that focuses on diet, movement and trim or equine owners who want their horses cared for whilst they build their own track system. 

All packages currently offered by PB have a minimum stay of 6 months. 

What benefits would you non-retired/rehabbed horse receive on track?

  • Various hay stations situated around the track are placed apart to encourage movement when fulfilling their daily needs. This contributes largely to maintaining a level of fitness without additional work.

  • We feed adlib hay, greatly lowering the risk of ulcers and food guarding behaviours

  • The mental wellbeing of our horses is one of the many aspects of horse health and care that isn't spoken about enough. Tracks encourage natural play and socialisation while feeding our equines curiosity. By adding sources of enrichment, natural shelter and forage, winding tracks, ponds, different surfaces and woodland, hedges and trees, it allows our equines to be mentally stimulated with the freedom of choice to do whatever they please.

  • We often find equines kept in herds are more confident within themselves, helping to decrease any stress or anxiety based behaviours. 

  • Being kept in mixed herds encourages natural behaviours such as play-fighting and grooming as well as eating and snoozing within close proximity. 

  • Track systems allow for 24/7 turn out, without the need to restrict one aspect of your horses care for another.

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