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The Rehab, Retirement and Non-Ridden
Paddock Paradise Yard

We officially opened our first Paddock Paradise livery yard in January 2018, which is home to our retired, rehabbing or non-ridden residents and consists of 3 main non-grass Paddock Paradise track systems, abundant with various types of shelters, feeding stations, natural herbs and forage, water points and wildlife. Spread over 18 acres of undulating land, our Paddock Paradise tracks purposely encourages movement, healing, free choice and natural behaviours. Our equines are in mixed herds to further increase movement, encourage bonding and aid in the reduction of anxiety, boredom or stress-related behaviours. 


Our residents live out 24/7 on our grass free track systems, equipped with natural high hedges, mature trees, valleys and numerous field shelters at their disposal. At PB, there is an abundance of wildlife, enrichment and forage to further stimulate our equines mentally, helping to maintain the peaceful environment we provide for our residents. Our retirement, rehab and non-ridden yard sits on unlevel and hilly land, actively encouraging the improvement and toning of muscle in the most natural way possible, further maintaining a constant level of fitness achieved through the horses fulfilling their daily needs. 


Salt licks are used to ensure our equines receive an appropriate amount of salt, with access to additional salt water stations situated on each track. PB Livery works along side our fantastic Hoof Care Practitioner (AANHCP) Hoof Matters, as well as our expert team of professionals to truly optimise the care that your equine will receive. PB's Paddock Paradise is perfect for enabling your horse to be out 24/7 whilst managing their diet - something that is crucial for those prone to Laminitis, weight gain, ulcers, EMS, grass sensitivity and grass related behavioural issues.


Our retirement, rehab and non-ridden livery consists of three non-grass Paddock Paradise track systems - Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3 as well as a Jesse and Bramble's track and the latest addition, the Gummy Gallops track

Package Types

Please click on the individual categories to read about the specific types of livery we offer.

We specialise in the rehabilitation of medically complex horses, most commonly with issues surrounding diet, movement and trim. 

We cater to non-ridden horses and their owners on a mid to long-term basis. 

We offer retirement to horses and ponies of all ages, breeds and sizes and specialise in the care of those with complex medical issues or backgrounds. 

We are expanding to cater to toothless or dentally challenged horses on a modified track system layout.


Track 1 and 2 have now been joined together after the passing of our pony Dubri. 

Track 2 roughly measures 3/4 of a mile in length and is our go-to herd for horses that struggle with anxiety and need an established, calm and encouraging herd to integrate into. 

Track 3 is roughly the same size as Track 2 but features a large hill we nick-named 'rehab hill'. This particular track houses some very big personalities which we have found increases movement significantly. 

The Gummy Gallops is a purpose-built modified track system, designed to accommodate toothless horses. Inspired by the success of Jesse and Bramble's track, this expansion is currently in the building stages. 

Building has been delayed.

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