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The Ridden Paddock Paradise Yard

In February 2023, we officially opened our second, brand-new paddock paradise (track system) yard for barefoot ridden horses. This new and separate yard is an expansion of our current livery services - our non-ridden, retirement and rehabilitation paddock paradise yard (opened January 2018). 


Our goal is to provide horses with species appropriate living on a Paddock Paradise (track system) whilst also incorporating the commonly found ridden facilities seen on traditional yards. We are also extremely excited to announce this is just Phase 1 of a grand 5-year plan, and so the new livery yard will be expanding more and more as time goes on with a range of facilities to offer as we progress.

The Woodland Track - what's included?
  • Non-grass Paddock Paradise (track system) over 8 acres of beautiful, spacious woodland

  • Adlib, netted meadow hay available 24/7 

  • Herd living only, for mares and geldings

  • Species appropriate, grass free living and horse centric care

  • Solar panelled electric fences with back up batteries

  • Introduction pen and closed off feeding areas

  • ByHiggins Lick Safe with salt and mineral licks on offer 24/7

  • Automatic water trough and additional salt water

  • Natural shelter provided by the woodland

  • Enrichment additions such as the 'Carrot Dangler'

  • Suitable for Laminitics or Laminitic prone horses, EMS and obesity, grass affected horses, anxious, stress or boredom related behaviours, Ulcers, Navicular, resource guarding etc

  • Encourages movement, natural behaviours and a high fibre, low sugar diet

The Facilities 
  • Brand new tack room and tea room with secure storage, seating, kettle, microwave and fridge

  • Indoor barn with holding pens for appointments and rainy day grooming sessions (not to be used as stables)

  • Secure yard area with tie up rings

  • Second yard area with ramp for easy access

  • Outdoor seating area for liveries with heating

  • On-site grass exercise or riding area

  • Small car park

  • Toilet

  • Lorry and trailer storage

  • Off-site hacking right from our gates: quiet country lanes, woodland/field trails or bridle ways

Ridden Livery Package 

We are £380 per calendar month which includes full use of the facilities and the following:


  •  24/7 adlib meadow hay, netted and locally sourced

  •  Basic care and daily checks

  •  Grooming

  •  Application of creams and sprays 

  •  Salt and mineral licks

  •  Holding for trimmer

  •  Giving feed or medication is required (feed itself is not included in the package)

  •  Rug and fly mask changes 

  •  Quarterly worm counts

  •  Daily poo-picking

  •  Access to additional salt water

  •  Private access to livery owners only Facebook group

  •  Basic first aid, creams and sprays applied on minor cuts

  •  Healthy treats 

  •  Updates - photos, videos and reports 


  • Hard feed and supplements

  • ​Optional appointments such as bodywork, chiropractor, acupuncture​

  • Out of hour veterinary appointments 

  • Dentist and Trimmer

  • Wormer

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