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Retirement Livery

Environment - 


PB Livery is situated over 18 acres of beautiful, undulating and quiet land, abundant with wildlife and natural enrichment - the perfect place for your retired horse to call home. We offer a peaceful environment, ensuring all our residents are able to relax and grow with their herd with the absolute freedom to explore, eat, play or switch off as they choose. All 3 of our Paddock Paradise track systems contain natural shelter as well as field shelters, ponds and automatic water troughs, feeding stations, hills, scratching brushes, salt/mineral By Higgin Lick Safes and feeding pens. 

Herds -


Both our retired and rehabbing residents are kept in mixed herds, each member different in age, breed, size; all with different medical issues. This is done to encourage their natural behaviours, encourage movement and to help lessen their overall anxiety and stress levels. Companionship is one of the many important values here at PB as we believe horses and ponies better build confidence, strengthen muscle, socialise and relax better when together. With new arrivals, we will discuss their history, medical issues and personalities when deciding with the owner what herd they would be most suited to.

Care -

PB specialises in the care of aging and medically complex horses and ponies, with experience in caring for equines with conditions such as Laminitis, EMS, Cushings, grass affected behavioural issues, Arthritis, Ulcers, ongoing or old injuries, horses with little to no teeth, obesity and so on. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to your horse - we treat every horse as if they were our own. To read about what is include in our Retirement package, please click here.

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'We can not tell you how happy it makes us to see him living his retirement so naturally in such a calm, relaxed, purpose built environment for his needs' - Fergus' owner, Sue


'Alyson, Maddie, Julian and Lewis are among the most trustworthy people I have ever met and I could not think of anyone I would rather entrust Pi’s care with.' - Pi's  previous owner, Emily

Visiting and updates -


We understand not seeing your horse every day can be incredibly difficult, which is why we try our very best to make sure you stay informed, regularly updated and receive videos and photos as often as you'd like. Over 50% of our liveries live 4+ hours away which is why we write progress reports on your horse, their wellbeing and their happiness every 6 months. We also have our own Facebook group for livery owners where you are free to chat to each other, share photos as well as receive updates and information from us regularly. Owners are welcome to visit as little or as often as they'd like.

Are you interested in retiring your equine at PB?

Interested? Book an appointment with us and we'll take you for a tour of our livery, answer any of your questions and discuss your horse and their needs. You can contact us here.

Why retire your horse on a Paddock Paradise?

  • Paddock Paradise track systems encourage movement, largely benefiting equines who suffer from stiffness and swelling from long periods of standing still.

  • Daily movement also aids in weight loss for overweight or obese horses as well as muscle gain for slimmer horses.

  • A purpose-built environment to strengthen or build muscle and further improve overall fitness levels without help from additional in-hand or ridden work.

  • Track systems require herd living to work optimally meaning your equine can scratch, groom, play, eat and sleep with other members of their species without restriction.

  • 24/7 turnout with optional shelter – no stables and no routines, providing your horse with the freedom of choice during their retirement.

  • Equines can learn to self-regulate with adlib hay, helping with issues such as food guarding and ulcers, in an environment that encourages movement and helps to lessen anxiety.

  • With Paddock Paradise track systems come enrichment, undulating land, paths, forage and other herd members to mentally stimulate your equine lessening boredom-related behavioural issues.

  • Tracks provide your horse with an environment that focuses on always fulfilling their natural, basic needs aiding in the reduction of anxiety, stress and linked behaviours.

  • Movement and exercise promoted on track stimulates healthy hoof growth – a healthy, functional hoof can then support the whole body.

  • Our Paddock Paradise systems replaces grass with adlib (meadow) hay, meeting your horse’s fibre needs – helping to deduct the risk of Ulcers and food guarding behaviours.

  • We zoom in on your horse’s nutritional needs, making sure your horse is receiving everything they need to set a foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

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