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Diet & Lifestyle or Track Consultations

We are rehabilitation specialists with over 15 years of experience in the track system community. From Laminitis and EMS to providing a more species appropriate lifestyle, we're here to help. Please see below for more information on our diet and lifestyle or track system consultations.

Phone or Zoom Call - £40.00 per hour

A consultancy via a phone call or a zoom meeting. If you are outside of the UK, we can only offer a meeting over zoom. 


You can ask unlimited questions and we can thoroughly discuss your concerns, situation, plans or ideas.

Maximum of 2 hours

Private Viewing - £50.00 per hour

A private, one-to-one viewing of our livery and Paddock Paradise set up. Meet the horses, view the tracks and discuss in depth any questions or advice. 

You can ask unlimited questions and we can thoroughly discuss your plans or ideas.

Maximum of 2 hours

Online - £40.00 per hour

An online consultancy via E-mail, text, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 


You can ask unlimited questions and we can thoroughly discuss your concerns, situation, plans or ideas.

Maximum of 2 hours

Home Visit - £200.00 plus travel expenses 

We will travel to visit your horse/s or land. We can access your horse, offer advice, study your land in person and discuss your ideas, plans and goals moving forward. 


You can ask unlimited questions and we can thoroughly discuss your plans or ideas.

Maximum of 3 hours, excluding travel time

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What can we help with?

Diet & Lifestyle:

> Accessing your horse for any signs of concern in their hooves, body or behaviour

> Accessing potential problem areas within your horse's diet or lifestyle

> Providing support on shoe to barefoot transitions and helping to locate an appropriate hoof care practitioner

> Accessing turnout, daily movement, hay, grass intake, feed and supplements to see where things can be improved to help your horse

> Support with conditions such as Laminitis and EMS, grass affected issues, hoof pathologies, obesity, underweight horses and more

> 'How to' help with feeding horses with dental issues or severe poor doers in a species appropriate way

> Creating a diet plan for your horse based on the species' requirements for high fibre, low sugar/starch and potassium.

> Accessing overall wellness and happiness, and looking at ways to improve their mental health


Track Consults:

> General planning of your track system, taking into consideration bad weather and flooding, access, natural enrichment points, shelter, footfall and more.

> Building or managing track systems on land that cannot be surfaced and how to adapt around this during the Winter months. 

> Building or managing track systems on hilly and undulating land.

> Encouraging movement for owners struggling with horses or herds that camp. 

> Ways to provide natural enrichment and budget or renter-friendly DIY enrichment sources. 

> Setting up and managing a track system to cater to older horses struggling with weight loss, no teeth and more.

> Setting up a new track livery - advice and support on getting started, maintenance, advertising, contracts and invoicing, setting up a website and more. 


Maria Leavesley, Track Visits & Private Viewing -

"I feel ashamed to say I lost my young horse to laminitis this year, will never know if it was the Spring grass or something else, but I’m not taking any chances. Having researched a more natural way for horses to live with us I found PB Paddock Paradise. What a revelation! Went to visit and was blown away by how calm and happy the horses were. They had plenty of access to hay and wonderful tracks to travel along in their relaxed herds. From the first phone call to Maddie and meeting Alyson, Julian and Lewis, a dedicated family team, they were all so warm and welcoming and offered heaps of information and experience it was hard not to be impressed. Alyson talked straight which was exactly what I was looking for and with their support I am converting to barefoot and creating our own track system, I can’t wait. I am full of excitement for our horses to live more naturally and healthily together and so grateful to have seen first hand the magic of a track system thanks to PB Barefoot Rehab & Retirement Paddock Paradise."

Kalei Mercedes, Zoom Call - 

'I am planning a paddock Paradise track system in the US currently! I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with PB and get some great feedback on my design. I highly recommend anyone who has an existing track, currently planning one, or anyone just wanting to learn more to book a consultation!!'

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