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PB's Specialist Team

Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters, Hoof Care Practitioner 

'I found the world of barefoot 10 years ago, and boy what an adventure it has taken me on. I have a large client base and I adhere to and teach the 4 pillars of NHC, Natural boarding, Natural Riding (Classical Dressage & Straightness Training), Natural Diet & of course the Natural Trim.


I have been involved with horses all my life and have competed successfully as an event rider. I have also been a Riding Instructor/Trainer for the last 25 years teaching all disciplines to all ages & standards including teaching at pony clubs & riding clubs. I still compete in all disciplines but of course now BAREFOOT.


Hoof Matters has done many talks on Natural Horse Care/ Paddock Paradise, diet & movement & Natural Hoof Care - why nature knows best and how the four pillars support our equine friends back to health in mind, body & soul.'

Sue Dawson of Calm Healthy Horses UK, Nutritionist

'Meeting our horses’ fundamental needs and avoiding pasture related “Grass Affected” problems can be a huge challenge.  Our ethos is to help you learn more about how your horses pasture can affect his health, movement and behaviour and what we as horse owners can do to improve the situation.

My change to keeping horses on track and supporting them on a well-balanced hay-based diet started about twelve years ago with my horse Glen. He was seven and a very clever, bold, and patient horse. I brought him with the aim of eventing, and we started with few BE100’s and were placed at first, but quickly things started to fall apart and at the time I couldn’t understand why. I now know my story is no different to 1000’s of passionate, seriously dedicated amateur and even some professional riders. I had a lovely horse; I gave him the best I could but there was a problem. I got a new saddle, saw the back person, worked with my trainers, vet, and farrier but still, a long list of minor issues resulted in Glen being stiff, sore, uncomfortable and me being worried and frustrated.

I made a promise to myself and Glen that I would get him back to his supper athletic self or he would be retired as a pet and I would give up riding.  So, I completed several equine nutrition courses, read widely, and completed my own research to discover how to address Glens issues.  I knew the answers lay in enhancing my approach to ‘The Four Pillars of Horsemanship”.  I improved his environment, adjusted his diet, removed his shoes, addressed teeth, back and body work and invested in my own skills to practice restorative riding and training. Underpinning all my work was the use of a grass free paddock paradise track. Over the years I have shared with like-minded friends and built six temporary tracks at various livery yards. Initially they were very simple and consisted of electric fencing and bales of hay in large nets placed far from the water supply. Then, as I increased my understanding I invested in field shelters, mud mats and hay boxes.  Today I have a perfect little track on a small rented paddock where my three and two friends’ horses all happily live the track life.  All the horses have a metabolic history which because of their diet and environment is fully managed. They are calm healthy horses.

Like many others I started out by adopting a very simple diet of ad lib hay and a small simple bucket of plain chaff, linseed, vitamins and minerals, salt and sometimes copra but back then Glen still wasn’t right. He had improved but overall he was well short of his best and I still wasn’t able to compete because his soundness was too intermittent.

This was when I met Jenny who opened my eyes to aspects of horse nutrition that most in the industry tend to ignore. Adding the Calm Healthy Horses thinking to my existing knowledge and management brought Glen back into full form and most importantly he has stayed that way into old age.

Now I really enjoy working with Jenny and helping others solve similar problems with their horses. I’m still learning lots along the way but most importantly it’s about sticking to the plan in-spite of the usual setbacks. I know from my own experience how confusing and daunting it can be when you are struggling to help your horse. It’s from my own experience with my horses and the feedback from so many of our customers who have also succeeded that I know the basic protocols we recommend and feeding the Calm Healthy Horses products can really get your horse to be his best.'

James Sheppard, Equine Dentist

'One of the worlds most experienced and trusted Equine Dentists, with years of experience treating horses in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. My experience and reputation is your peace of mind that your horse or pony are getting the absolute best.'

Gemma Collins, Chiropractor

'I graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 2004, having studied human Chiropractic for 4 years, and qualified as an animal chiropractor in 2008 after studying with the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic.


My treatments consist of Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue release, stretches and Low Level Laser therapy.  Having owned a couple of tricky horses in the past, I’ve also gained some knowledge in natural horsemanship techniques and enjoy helping horses who have trust or behavioural issues.


I’m registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the British Veterinary Chiropractic Association.'

V&T Equine Services

'V&T Equine Services was established to help equines and pets and their owners, run by a veterinary surgeon and a barefoot trimmer. V&T Equine Services offers TCVM acupuncture as well as natural hoof care.

My name is Ralitsa Grancharova and I am primarily an equine veterinary surgeon. I graduated from the Trakia University in Bulgaria in 2013. I gained a large portion of my experience in Equine medicine in the Equine clinics of the veterinary universities in Hannover and Giessen in Germany. After graduation I worked as an equine veterinarian at the state owned stud farm "Kabiuk" in Bulgaria, which houses more than 600 horses.

Since 2014 after completing field training with Nick Hill in Bulgaria and Scotland I started practicing natural hoof care. 
​In 2017 I qualified as a Veterinary acupuncturist with the Chi Institute of Madrid. In 2018 & 2019 I proceeded to acquire more training in the area of TCVM by specialising in Equine Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and veterinary neurology from  conventional and TCVM perspective. I am currently training in the Balance method. I am expanding my knowledge in TCVM and my practise is open to treating every animal, large, small or exotic. Today as part of "V&T Equine Services" I have the opportunity to fulfil a long term dream - working as a holistic veterinary surgeon.'

Nick -

"I am a natural hoof care practitioner. My training started with the use of shoes for horses in June 2003 when I began working alongside qualified FRC farriers who taught me the Cytek method. I was a farrier with Cytek until 2006, when my training suddenly took a drastic turn because my feelings about hoof care resonated with Jaime Jackson's work and research on wild horses. In March of the same year I started training with the AANHCP training programme. Besides Jaime my other mentors included Todd Jaynes and Richard Dewry. My training didn't stop there - I proceeded to travel and shadow other practitioners around Europe (Italy, France and UK). In 2009 I accepted placement in the Board of directors for the AANHCP alongside Jaime Jackson, Bruce Nock, Ann Corso and Richard Dewry. Presently I am a registered instructor with Liberated Horsemanship. I have travelled around Europe, Africa, America, and Israel holding clinics, teaching other professionals and horse owners to hopefully understand a different way of managing and maintaining their equines.'

PB uses Ralitsa and Nick for their Acupuncture services. 

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