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Memorial Page

To remember our departed equine friends, and pay tribute to the joy and endless love they brought into our lives.

Sophie - 2024

Sophie was what you would call a bit of a diva, with an unwavering love for her food and a sassy attitude for feeding her a little later than usual. She always made us laugh, with her accidental head butts and a love for life that reminded us why we do what we do on a daily basis. She will be dearly missed by all, but most of all by her best friend Penny.

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Bee - 2024

Bee was a kind, gentle and loving horse with a sassy attitude that made her unforgettable. When she first arrived at PB, it was like she had been reunited with old friends after many years apart. Ailbe and her were inseparable, and I know he will he waited for you to join him once again on the other side. We will miss your dearly darling girl, sleep tight. 

Bramble - 2024

Bramble was a professional grumpy pants with the biggest heart and bear-like coat, and never failed to make us laugh. He fell in love with the girl over the fence, Jesse, and lived his remaining years happy and content with her on track. We will miss you dearly Brams, but know that Jesse will have waited for you on the other side.

Ailbe - 2023

Ailbe was a truly a sweet and gentle boy who extended his kindness to every member of his herd and every new face that joined them. He comforted, played with and protected everyone to the best of his ability and we know they will miss him dearly. He also bought the humans of PB so much love and happiness.  

Jesse - 2023

Jesse was the sassiest, happiest, one-of-a-kind horse and the reason Gummy Gallops was made possible. She taught us so many invaluable lessons and her story has helped so many owners care for horses just like her. She will be so greatly missed by her best friend Bramble, the team and her wonderful owners. She was truly an unforgettable horse.

Dubri Firkin - 2023

Dubri was the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for, a reason to grin from ear to ear and the cheeky character that filled our lives with laughter. She touched so many people's hearts and saved so many horse's from the clutches of Laminitis with her story. Her legacy will live on through PB and our work. 

Fleur - 2021

Fleur was an endlessly loving character who never failed to brighten ours or her families lives every single day. We are so thankful to her owner for allowing us to care for her in her retirement. She is incredibly missed by us all, her herd and her best friend Pixie. Not a day goes by where we don't miss your bum scratches.

Dolly - 2021

Dolly was a beautiful horse, full of character and cheekiness. Although she was taken too soon, she will forever be remembered for the brave and fighting spirit she was. Dolly loved her pamper sessions and the water hose, and bought joy to so many of us in hard times. She was a truly wonderful horse, inside and out.

Bob - 2017

Bob was our dearest friend Janet's horse who we continued to care for after she so sadly passed away. He was a gentle and kind horse and it was a honour to look after him in his final years. 'Bob the Cob' loved life on track and him and his Mum are dearly missed everyday. Bob was also an 'original' herd member. 

Jasper - 2016

Jasper was a member of our family for 18 years and was one of the 'original' herd members. He was a gentle giant despite his grumpy appearance and especially loved his best buddy Buster. He was a beautiful and wise horse who is dearly missed.

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