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Meet the team

Alyson, Owner

Hi, I'm Alyson and I run this business with my family. I've had 30+ years of experience with horses of all breeds and ages and love each and every one of them like they're my own. I want to share my knowledge and acreage with those who need to heal and rehabilitate in a happy, healthy and natural environment. I've always wanted to help horses and PB is a dream come true.

Maddie, Admin & Writer

Hi, I'm Maddie and I've had a major passion for horses all my life. You'll find me keeping our social profiles up to date, writing for our blog and social media, advertising our business and keeping up with the admin. I also run my own paddock paradise track system magazine 'Happy Trackin'. I'm here to help with any information and enquiries. 

Julian, Handyman

Hi, I'm Julian. I'm the handyman around our livery, so I keep up with any maintenance work to ensure the horses in our care are kept safe and happy. You'll find me in my truck or tractor, fixing fences or scratching the nose of Janie. I am constantly thinking of new ways to improve the livery with new track features and livery yard makes.

Lewis, Yard Work & Maintenance 

Hi, I'm Lewis and I help part-time with the daily yard work and maintenance, dispatching hay bales, feeding and general day-to-day jobs whilst attending university. I'm here to get my hands dirty helping to care for the horses and maintain the livery, so you'll often find me on tractor duty, strimming, digging and helping with new track improvements and ideas.

Josh, Yard Work & Maintenance 

Hi, I'm Josh and I help look after the horses and tracks part-time during the week, making sure all their needs are being met. I also work maintenance and help with any upcoming projects that we have going on behind the scenes. I really enjoy working outdoors and with animals and have passion of all things nature.

Tess, The Bouncer

I'm Tess, the guard dog of the livery. I enjoy barking at leaves, rolling in stuff that smells and sitting in the tractor. I also like belly rubs and head scratches so new comers, beware. I'm getting older now so you'll sometimes find me in the truck with the heater on or in a comfy bed in our tea-room, out the rain. 

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