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About Us

PB Paddock Paradise Livery officially opened in January 2018, after many years of providing care and rehabilitation to horses or ponies who struggled with Laminitis and EMS like our beloved Dubri. Since then, it has become our mission to normalise species appropriate living and horse-centric care. 

We are a family-run livery based on the Staffordshire, Shropshire border and is home to rehabbing, retired or ridden horses of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. PB is currently operating over two different sites within close proximity that we refer to as 'the ridden yard' and 'the rehab & retirement yard'.


The rehab & retirement yard is made up of 2 paddock paradise track systems and spans over 18 acres of peaceful, undulating land, making it the ideal space to heal, recuperate or retire. This particular site is where PB began many moons ago, and where our own horses have spent the last 15 years of their lives. 

The ridden yard officially opened in February 2023, after we were presented with a unique opportunity to expand our livery, begin catering to ridden horses and their owners and start the lengthy process of repairing and fixing a previously empty, run-down ex-dairy farm.  

Our Work

Specialising in the care and rehabilitation of Laminitis and EMS, we are very passionate about spreading awareness and in turn, helping owners to recognise the early warning signs of these common conditions. We use our Facebook page, blog, in-person events and online courses to share as much information as we possibly can about the dangers of providing unsuitable environments for our horses and the toll that it takes on their mind, body and hooves.

Additionally, we have extensive experience rehabilitating or providing care to horses with a wide variety of conditions or issues, including soft tissue injuries, anxiety, stress or boredom related behaviours, grass affected horses, hoof pathologies, obesity, SI issues and much more. We have a team of hand-picked professionals to aid in complex cases or those who need additional support during their stay.

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