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Tara - incomplete


Name: Tara

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: August 2022

Age: 10

Breed: Welsh Section D

Height: 15.2hh

Medical Issues: Stifle injury, severely grass affected, Laminitis

Rehabilitation: Help with grass affected issues and injury, overall hoof and body health

First body photos:

Tara originally arrived in August 2022 for some help with her grass affected issues and an old stifle injury. Prior to her arrival, it was thought she needed surgery for her stifle injury so one of our priorities was getting her back to a healthier state in preparation for said surgery. She arrived overweight, lame behind with a swollen stifle, showing clear signs of grass affected issues and with sub-clinical Laminitis. 

Tara's owner reported her grass affected symptoms as: agitated, uncomfortable, sweaty, wobbly and ataxic on all 4 legs. She was also struggling with picking her feet up to be trimmed and general pain management due to her stifle injury. Additionally, she was previously kept on box rest for long periods of time. 

Tara's rehabilitation started off in Track 1, which allowed her stifle injury to settle and her pain to decrease whilst stimulating new hoof growth she needed and preventing any further stiffness. She had arrived already on Calm Healthy Horses GrazeEzy and Alleviate C but after careful observation, both doses were increased to combat her grass affected symptoms. 

First hoof update, second trim - September 2022:

A combination of before and after her trim.

You can see Tara has event lines all the way down the hoof, marking repetitive events that triggered inflammation that were not successfully removed (sub-clinical Laminitis). For her first trim, Georgie balanced her hoof properly and trimmed so her weight bearing points were activated. 

October 2022 - third trim:


As we had hoped, Tara's pain levels have dropped and the injury to her stifle has settled. She has now be moved into Track 2, a larger herd and track where she will further continue her rehabilitation. Tara remains on the Calm Healthy Horses supplements. 

February 2023 - body update:

As you can see, Tara has lost a lot of weight around her tummy, bottom and top line. She’s generally much more active than she was on arrival and doesn't appear lame behind which has been reflected in the change of her behaviour around other horses, body shape and weight. We’re really pleased with her progress so far.

Tara Body Comparison Feb 23 jpeg.jpg

March 2023 - update:

Tara had surgery on her stifle in March 2023 against our recommendation. It was reported that their was a significant improvement in Tara's lameness upon examination pre op by her veterinary team. 

However, unfortunately surgery has put Tara back with her rehabilitation.

July 2023 - update:

Unfortunately as predicted, Tara's operation set her back drastically and she is leaving to return home with uncompleted rehab. Tara has been growing out some event lines caused by sub-clinical Laminitis but due to the amnestic, antibiotics and painkillers, she has had an inflammatory response. As you can see, she now has newer event lines from her operation and recovery.