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How to encourage movement on your Paddock Paradise

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

So you've set up a Paddock Paradise or track system but your horse's still aren't really moving. Here are some tips we've learnt that encourages our equines to move more.

> If you're finding your horse/s is standing around one particular feeding station more than you'd like, it might be that you've got too much hay in one place for the size and activity level of your herd. If this is the case, try changing or varying the size of your hay nets in different areas within your track. For our smallest herd, having between 3-5 hay stations consisting of smaller hay nets has increased their movement drastically. Make sure your feeding stations are as far away from their water source as possible.

> Adding additional stations within your track is great for feeding their curiosity and encouraging our equines to wander. Look into additional salt water, mineral/salt licks and setting up areas with brushes they can scratch themselves on.

> Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with your herd. Not all your track additions have to be permeant either. Set up carrot danglers (string with carrots attached), allow them areas to forage, add any fallen branches or logs to various parts of your track and scatter healthy treats throughout the track as an occasional treat (hedges or trees).

> Activity levels vary with different herds and horses. We personally have a very active, big personality herd as well as 2 other more relaxed herds. If you have the opportunity to do so, bigger herds tend to encourage each other to move more than smaller ones do. If you're struggling with a very small herd, it might be worth looking into sharing your track with a likeminded individual or adding to your own equine family.

> Try to stay away from supplying hay in or around your shelter when the weather allows. From our own experience, this has encouraged our horses to camp in the same spot.

> Lastly, make some layout changes. Move your hay stations about, swap some stations over and change the layout of your track if you think it will benefit your horses. It might be that your particular layout could benefit from some tweaking to encourage more movement.

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