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Name: Glen

Livery Type: Retirement

Arrival Date: 3rd October 2022

Age: 19

Breed: Highland

Height: 14hh

Medical Issues: Laminitis, Cushings, EMS

Rehabilitation: Shod to barefoot, hoof rehabilitation, EMS and Laminitis


Glen has arrived for retirement with sub-clinical Laminitis, verging on an acute attack, and EMS. He has had his shoes removed prior to moving in order to join us and is starting his retirement on Track 1 in boots for a short period of time to help minimise the discomfort he is experiencing with his lameness. 

As you can see, he has poor quality hoof horn which we suspect will chip and split whilst self-trimming with increased movement and the absence of shoes. 

16th of October, 2022 - first trim:

Glen has had quite a bit of breakage from increased movement and self-trimming, naturally getting rid of the poor quality hoof horn caused through an inappropriate diet and Laminitis. As you can see, he has quite contracted heels, some separation of the white line and chunks of his waterline missing that has snapped off whilst self-trimming. The waterline is where you'll find the 1-2 weight bearing points at the toe, which unfortunately for Glen means he is weight bearing on his sole. This can be quite painful and uncomfortable for some horses, which is where boots can become a useful tool in transitioning but as Glen is staying on track and the ground is currently quite forgiving, he does not seem uncomfortable and therefore will remain barefoot. 

Glen will be kept on a 6 week trim cycle. 

February 2023 - body update:

Glen has lost weight around his bottom, which originally appeared almost ‘lumpy’ around the tail. An abnormally shaped bottom is common with EMS and shouldn't be ignored. He has also softened up around his shoulders and is generally a better shape. Despite his super fluffy winter coat, you can see he has also gained a little muscle over his top line. This is a great sign that he is longer suffering from EMS and is feeling much more comfortable and fitter than he previously did, which is reflected in his activity levels on track.  

Glen Comparison jpeg.jpg

28th April 2023 - body update:

Glen still has some muscle to build but he's slowly starting to take more shape. We suspect that when his feet start to improve, his muscle will too. 

Glen Arrival vs April 2023.jpg

June 2023 - hoof update:

Although Glen has been with us since October 2022, this is the first proper full trim he has had. Glen's feet have been somewhat 'stuck', meaning we didn't have any new growth for some time despite increased movement and a non-inflammatory, species appropriate diet. Again, this is pretty normal for horse's who have previously been shod. Given time and patience, they do 'wake up' and begin growing normally between 6 week trim cycles. 

As you can see, he has grown some new hoof wall down and has a nice tight water line. He also had lots of sole removed, so we are starting to see some stronger feet now. We still have some way to go but this is a really good improvement. 

September 2023 - hoof update:

It has been an incredibly slow process with Glen, with today being the first time he has had an intact waterline in all 4 feet since his arrival 11 months ago. Forming a new waterline is always slow going so this type of hoof rehabilitation needs to be approached with patience and an understanding that this will take time and cannot be rushed when done correctly. 


In the photos below, you can see Glen's heels and quarters have widened nicely without being contracted by shoes and now we have an intact waterline, he is weight bearing how nature intended. This is a brilliant progress for Glen and the hardest part of his 'retirement' is now over.