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Coco - continuing at home


Name: Coco

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: 6th March 2023

Age: 17

Breed: Welsh x

Height: 15.2hh

Medical Issues: EMS and grass affected

Rehabilitation: Hoof, old Laminitis and EMS

Coco is here for some hoof and EMS rehabilitation for approximately 6 - 12 months. Although her owner has kept her on a grass-free track system for the last year, she isn't getting enough movement to see any improvement with her feet. 

Below you can see she has a classic slipper toe, a combination of prominent and faint event lines and some laminitic stretch that can be seen from underneath. From the side, it may look like there's a lot to take off but from underneath, you can see there is very little that can be taken to keep the water line and active wear points active. Over her stay with us, we hope to see some sole depth and a new healing angle grow. On the front left hoof, the BTL (base toe length) was 4.2 inches pre trim and 3.7/8 inches post trim with a HTL (healing toe length) of 3.1/3 inches.

Coco also has EMS with fat pads along her back end and slightly puffy eyes, so we're looking forward to seeing how her body changes shape with more movement and a supportive barefoot trim. 

3rd April - first trim, a combination of before and after and body shots:

28th April 2023 - 

Coco is on a four week trim cycle which will be extended to every 6 weeks once she is ready. We aren't seeing a huge amount of growth at the moment so she is mostly being rebalanced and her weight bearing points activated during her trim sessions. 

Our main goal for Coco is to increase sole depth and encourage a new healing angle, so that when she returns to her owner, the process of growing a new, healthier hoof has already been started and can be continued at home. 

We will not be chopping off the toe or dumping Coco onto her sole during this process. Instead, Georgie will trim to the sole hard plane, restoring balance and encouraging the hoof to heal with the correct management in place. For this to be achieved, she needs to be moving as much as possible which is one of the main reasons she is here with us.

Front left before trim -

Front left after trim -

Front right before trim -