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Alfie - ongoing


Name: Alfie

Livery Type: Ridden

Arrival Date: 1st August 2023

Age: 12

Breed: Warmblood

Height: 17hh

Medical Issues: Arthritis in hocks

Rehabilitation: Shod to barefoot transition, contracted heels, deep central sulcus thrush, anxiety and SI issues

Alfie arrived in shoes at our ridden yard in August 2023 and was kept in our introduction paddock briefly to have his shoes removed by our hoof care practitioner Georgie. Upon arrival, it was clear that Alfie had severely contracted heels and some thrush in the deep central sulcus, in addition to ongoing anxiety and some SI issues, likely linked to the heel pain he was experiencing caused by his heels and thrush. 

Due to the issues with his feet and his anxiety, we recommended Alfie's owner stopped any form of riding or in hand work for a short term basis so he could settle into his surroundings properly and begin the rehab work required to improve his hoof health. As she agreed, Alfie was left to switch off and get used to all these new changes.

As always, we'll be implementing a species appropriate diet and a 4-6 week trim cycle from day 1 of Alfie joining us.

Removing Alfie's shoes, 1st of August 2023:

7th of November, before applying some thrush treatment:

5th of January 2024, before trim:

Alfie has an event line on his outer hoof wall of all 4 feet, marking his arrival at PB. There is a slight change in angle, referred to as the healing angle, above the hoof wall where a change in diet has been implemented and everything has tightened. There is still quite a way to go but he's making good progress.

6th of February, after trim:

Alfie's feet are continuing to improve with lowered heels and a shortened toe. As our hoof care practitioner trims to the natural perimeters of the hoof, such as the hard sole plane, we are seeing gradual improvements with each trim without invading the hoof capsule. Alfie's heels in terms of contraction are improving without the restriction of shoes but again, have a long way to go. We're keen to see what his next trim brings.

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