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Newport, Shropshire UK
About Me


We are a family-run Paddock Paradise livery offering horse-centric, high quality care to medically-complex, elderly or ridden horses. We also specialise in the management and rehabilitation of Laminitis and EMS. 

At PB, we encourage horses to be horses.


Paddock Paradise Track System Livery for ridden horses and their riders

Could your equine benefit from our set up and care?

The Paddock Paradise is a concept based on the lifestyle of wild and free-roaming horses, and provides domesticated horses with a environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat. The horses in our care not only reap the benefits of a species appropriate diet and daily movement but generally thrive from the socialisation and bonding herd living brings. We prioritise providing horses with the freedom of choice - allowing each horse to groom, forage, move or play whenever they'd like. PB further specialises in the rehabilitation of barefoot horses, most commonly working with Laminitis, EMS and obesity, injuries and grass related issues. 

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Laminitis, EMS & obesity 

With a species appropriate diet in place and daily movement encouraged, our set up is perfect for shifting those unwanted fat pads and excess weight.

Our particular set up allows 24/7 turnout without the danger and threat of grass, allowing us to manage their diet without restricting their movement.

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Grass affected issues

Eradicating your horse's access to grass and ensuring their salt, vitamin and dietary needs are fulfilled, our paddock paradise livery allows horses to socialise, play and move freely without battling metabolic, behavioural, physical or neurological issues that stem from high levels of sugar, potassium and nitrogen. 

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Anxiety & resource guarding issues

Many horses struggle with anxiety caused through restricted feed, turnout and isolation or the comings and goings of a busy yard. We pride ourselves on offering a peaceful environment, fulfilling their most basic needs without restriction or pressure. Our liveries have access to 24/7 turnout, socialisation, hay, water and shelter. 

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Arthritis, stiffness and injuries

Prioritising daily, consistent movement and a barefoot natural trim allows the hoof and body to function freely, without creating additional soreness, stiffness or swelling through long periods of box rest, minimal movement or the use of shoes. 

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Hoof & body rehabilitation

Providing a species appropriate environment, diet and trim stimulates blood flow, aids in new hoof growth and facilitates in increased muscle definition and weight management. We are ideal for those with ongoing issues such as Navicular, Laminitis, on/off lameness, cracks, sore heels, poor quality hoof horn, SI issues, soft tissue injuries, lack of muscle and more. 

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Ulcers & Colic

Facilitating your horse's need for a constant supply of high fibre in the form of adlib hay and enabling continual movement helps to improve overall gut function and can drastically reduce the occurrence of ulcers as well as decrease the risk of colic.  


A monthly webinar series on all things Paddock Paradise track system.

 "I am full of excitement for our horses to
live more naturally and healthily together"

A digital & quarterly magazine on all things Paddock Paradise track systems and species appropriate living - the first and only of it's kind!


"The key to having physically and mentally healthier horses"- Jaime Jackson

In March 2022, we had the honour of rebranding our name at the request of Jaime Jackson himself, founder of the Paddock Paradise. We are incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity by Jaime to actively push the Paddock Paradise and all of the many incredible benefits they provide. 

Dubri's Legacy

"Dubri is the reason we traded in the shoes, stables and paddocks to give her the life she so desperately deserved. She is the reason we turned a new chapter all those moons ago and began our barefoot journey, inspiring us to help horses just like her who were written off and deemed to complex. Unknowingly, Dubri prompted us to start PB and to be the change we wanted to see in the equine world. She is the reason we have been able to save so many horses from the clutches of Laminitis and can offer horses in their old age a forever home with no expectations. Dubri’s legacy will live on through PB because she is PB and for that, we are eternally grateful."

Dubri Furkin

We are great believers in providing options like salt and mineral licks for our horses on track, which is why all of our Paddock Paradise track systems are kitted out with the byHiggins Lick Safe. Did you know their sturdy, long-lasting and unique design allows for protection against the typical, rainy UK weather and can hold up to a 10kg block? Gone are the days we waste any of our salt licks by being smushed into the mud or dissolved in the rain.

What our liveries have to say


"This amazing place has been home for my horse for a couple of years now. I never have to worry about her, she is looked after beautifully and in keeping with a natural life that I am sure she would choose for herself. She previously suffered with swollen knees and stiffness but since she has been on a track, on the right diet and constantly moving with her friends she has been absolutely fine. It’s a huge relief to know that she is looked after and loved as I work full time and have commitments that mean I cannot give her what she needs. It’s equine heaven and most of the time I wish I was a horse there."

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Based in Newport, Shropshire UK

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