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Sassy - completed & managed at home


Name: Sassy

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: May 2021

Age: 10

Breed: Gypsy Cob

Height: 14.1hh

Medical Issues: soft tissue injury, right fore lameness, sub-clinical Laminitis 

Rehabilitation: Lameness and hoof rehabilitation

Sassy before her arrival: 

First update:


Sassy has been with us for roughly 3 months now. She is here for Rehabilitation for Laminitis and soft tissue damage which can be seen in trot (see video above, taken before her arrival. Like all of our Rehabilitations, Sassy is on a non grass Paddock Paradise in a Herd currently made up of 11 members that we call 'Track/Herd 3'. Track 3 contains a large hill we nicknamed 'Rehab Hill' which is great for stimulating the feet, building muscle and increasing fitness. This Track measures roughly 3/4 of a mile long and with the layout of the track and the natural movement of the Herd, Sassy walks roughly 8 miles a day. Plenty of movement means Sassy keeps active and doesn't become stiff from standing around. We're really pleased with the progress she is making, and can't wait to see what the next couple of months holds for Sassy and her progress here. Not only has her lameness improved but she's also toned up and become fitter.

Hoof update:


Sassy's Laminitic stretch is starting to grow out, the waterline is tightening up and her foot growth is being stimulated by movement, encouraging the sole to shed down to the hard sole plain. We have also treated some Thrush that Sassy had in the first image.

Progress video on soft tissue injury:

Final update - went home February 2022: 

Sassy has returned home to her owner February 2022 to continue her hoof transformation; see below for her hoof transition so far.

Final soft tissue injury update: 

Update from Sassy's owner -

Sassy's lovely owner has very kindly let us share an update with you all since Sassy's return home from PB. Kelly has joined the riding club again where Sassy and her have been having lessons together and earlier this month, participated in their first dressage test and placed 5th. This is really fantastic news and we're so pleased Kelly and Sassy can now enjoy working together again.



'My mare Sassy came down with lami in 2018 and later in 2019 developed further acute lameness in her right fore. She was extremely sore. Vets treatment didn’t work, I felt it was a loosing battle. 7 months On from the lami diagnosis after Trawling through thousands - literally! of websites, blogs, vlogs and Facebook groups, I finally made contact with Georgie from Hoof Matters. I will never forget the night we started speaking because she gave me hope. After reading books on track systems recommended by Georgie I just knew that I had to try it for my girl. I found PB which is 60 miles from home and asked them if Sassy could go for 6 months. I visited beforehand to make sure I was happy with what I saw, I mean my mare is so precious to me - I’m not gonna send her anywhere that I’m not happy with. Alyson showed me round and I felt confident that I could let this woman I had only just met have my pride and joy off me for 6 months. The first couple weeks I can’t lie I felt sick with worry. But I visited after 2 weeks and I immediately became calm. She was happy and settled. Alyson and team kept me updated on her progress, Georgie let me know how her feet were recovering and I visited several more times during her stay. Each visit I recorded her hoof progress and the change is incredible. Sassy ended up staying there for longer than planned due to a job change during the winter for me and it made more sense to keep her at PB as I would not have had the time to dedicate to her, again Alyson was very accommodating and gave me no pressure for a return date. I’ve had Sassy back for a couple of weeks now and she is very chilled and feels sound although I’ve only ridden her once so far it felt amazing to be back onboard. I would recommend PB to anyone considering sending their horses to a track and if you’re not sure visit first and see for yourself, I know you will be impressed. I would like to thank Alyson and gang for the last 10 months and wish them continued success for the future. The pictures are from Sassy's feet, the first is before she went and last was when she came home, they are in chronological order.' - Kelly, Sassy's owner

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