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Understanding Grass with Sue Dawson of Calm Healthy Horses UK and Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters.


Providing a species appropriate diet for your horse is essential to their health and wellbeing, but what exactly does that mean?


If your horse struggles with Laminitis, EMS, allergies, mudfever, sunburn, sweet itch, sacroiliac issues, anxiety, behavioural issues, headshaking or explosive behaviour, then this is absolutely the webinar for you.


In this episode of Track Talk, we discuss:

- what does species appropriate mean?

- the suitability of different forage

- what exactly is in our grass

- the direct impact grass can have on your horse's hoof health

- why Laminitis and EMS are rife in the equine world

- the grass affected horse


We dive into the suitability of different forage, the negative effects feeding unsuitable grass can have and what exactly is in our grass. Georgie talks about how the UK's common, rich lush grass directly impacts hoof health whilst Sue explains how the likes of potassium and sugar can completely alter your horse's behaviour and health.


Who are our guests?


Sue Dawson is a nutritionist specialising in grass affected horses and is the UK representative for Calm Healthy Horses.


Georgie Harrison is a fully qualified AANHCP/ISNHCP hoof care practitioner and is also PB Livery's resident HCP of 10 years.

Track Talk: Understanding Grass

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