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Conditions like EMS and Laminitis are rife in the equine world and it can be incredibly difficult to manage a horse who currently has or is prone to these particular issues.


If you're a frustrated or worried horse owner who is fed up of long hours of stabling, muzzles, strip grazing and generally wants to provide their horse with a species appropriate environment, then this is the place to be.


Managing EMS doesn't have to equate to sacrificing the ever-so important needs of our horses such as 24/7 forage, unrestricted movement, herd living, enrichment and turnout.


In this episode of Track Talk, we discuss:


- what does species appropriate mean?

- managing and rehabilitating EMS long term

- how to provide 24/7 turnout, movement, companionship/herd living and forage for an EMS horse

- the direct impact restricted movement and forage has on the body and mind

- why Laminitis and EMS is everywhere

- encouraging movement over restricting forage

- providing a species appropriate diet

- real life rehabilitation cases for EMS

Track Talk: Managing EMS

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