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In this episode of Track Talk, we were joined by Sue Dawson of Calm Healthy Horses UK to discuss anxiety and common causes we see cause extremely anxious, reactive horses. Sue brings an interesting take into this subject, offering heaps of experience with anxious horses and how grass and grass-related issues can play into this.


Why are we seeing more and more anxious horses struggling to cope? We look at how denying our horses of their most natural, basic needs can take a massive toll on their mental health. If you have a horse that struggles with resource guarding, separation anxiety, difficulty integrating into a herd or windsucking/crib-biting, then this is the webinar for you.


What does restricting turnout, forage and movement do to our horses?

Can anxiety in horses be drastically reduced by changing our management practices?

How does grass or inappropriate forage play into the role of an anxious horse?

Is it always anxiety or are we just seeing more and more horses struggle with grass-affected issues?

Track Talk: Anxious Horses

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