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Why do we have such big hay stations?

The tracks at our retirement and rehab yard were purposely built overly wide, allowing plenty of room for new arrivals to go off by themselves, machinery to pass around horses safely whilst on track and to allow multiple feeding stations in large areas.

Providing large hay stations has been absolutely critical in welcoming horses with resource guarding issues, providing plenty of shuffle space to minimise the risk of any horses getting stuck in corners or against fencing.

The drone shot below is of our biggest feeding station in Track 2. This particular area can hold 2-3 large netted bales and some smaller haynets that are hung in the trees nearby, which means any member new to PB or just struggling to share with resource guarding behaviours can make the decision to eat away from the others without being out of eyeshot.

We're big believers that providing a species appropriate environment can largely reduce anxiety, stress and boredom-related behaviours, given these horses are given some time, patience and understanding.

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