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Our BIG announcement...

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We are honoured to announce that we are rebranding PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Livery at the request of the brilliant Jaime Jackson himself, founder of the Paddock Paradise.

We are incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity by Jaime to actively push the Paddock Paradise and all of the many incredible benefits they provide. PB has always held ourselves to an incredibly high standard, continuing to follow the four pillars of the Paddock Paradise to enable our care and facilities to benefit any horse or pony to the absolute best of our abilities.

Over the years, the term 'Track System' has become a watered down version of what it once was and for many, doesn't follow the true beliefs of the Paddock Paradise. The core beliefs Paddock Paradise was built upon are the 4 pillars.

1. Diet - as near to species appropriate and natural as possible; a low sugar, low potassium, high fibre diet.

2. Movement - understanding the nature of equines and providing them with a mixed herd to encourage natural behaviours and dynamics. No stables or paddocks.

3. Hoof care - understanding what a natural hoof is and trimming to replicate what nature would leave and what nature would take.

4. Natural schooling, ridden work and ground work. This is based on what movements are natural to the horse - nothing is forced.

All 4 of the pillars work together to support each other for the equine - healing and strengthening the horse's body, mind and soul.

PB replicates to the best of our ability what a horse would receive naturally in the wild. While we have referred to ourselves as a track system livery in the past, we feel it is important to stay true to the Paddock Paradise and separate ourselves from the 'track system' name.

While we are unsurfaced without beautiful walk-in-barns and we are not what you would consider 'fancy', we do always keep the mental and physical wellbeing of our equines at the forefront of our mind and continually strive to achieve better, staying true to the Paddock Paradise.

With the help of our close friends and colleagues Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters and Sue Dawson of Calm Healthy Horses UK, we are incredibly thankful and throughouly excited to begin this new chapter of PB, now known as 'PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery'.

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