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Oscar - continued elsewhere


Name: Oscar

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: February 2020

Age: 14

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 16.2hh

Medical Issues: Sub-clinical Laminitis, grass affected

Rehabilitation: Hoof rehabilitation, grass affected issues, separation anxiety and behavioural issues

Oscar arrived in February 2020 with his field companion Inca, and underwent rehabilitation for sub-clinical Laminitis, behavioural issues and separation anxiety. It was also later thought he had previously suffered with Ulcers and was grass affected. 

After a short period of time with us, the extent of Oscars issues became more apparent, revealing he had hurt his neck at some point and needed ongoing treatment and bodywork to help manage any discomfort he may have experienced. Having raced, we found he also struggled with his back legs and tended to drag them rather than lift them, whilst unable to bend properly through his hocks. As a result of this, Oscar arrived with very little muscle across his bottom as well as his top line. 


Having detoxed off any grass and unnecessary sugar within 6 weeks, Oscar's anxiety started to improve over the following months. Often being grass affected can worsen already present anxiety, so going through the detox period of his rehab and working on his issues was a turning point for Oscar. Although Oscar's owner had previously informed us he had severe separation anxiety surrounding Inca, Oscar was pushed out of his original herd which included Inca. After speaking to his owner, we decided he would be better suited in Herd 2 which worked highly in his favour and allowed Oscar to make a tremendous amount of progress. 

Initially, Oscar was unable to walk off by himself or have the herd out of sight. Towards the end of his 4-5 month stay with us, we were extremely happy to see him walking off for a drink with no other horse in sight, due to the layout of our track. He was able to socialise with every horse in our herd but felt comfortable enough being with 1 or 2 other members as well as being by himself. 

Oscar and Inca did leave before their rehabilitation was completed and so although they both made good progress, their hoof rehabilitation and shod to barefoot transition was not finished. 

Please note - although Oscar was making great progress, his rehabilitation wasn't finished when he left.

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