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Name: Mist

Livery Type: Retirement

Arrival Date: July 2019

Age: 15

Breed: Welsh Section A

Height: 11.3hh

Medical Issues: EMS

Rehabilitation: EMS

Mist Progress Picture .jpg
Mist Progress Picture .jpg

Mist's Arrival

During his Retirement


'My ponies and I had struggled to stay healthy in various rented fields trying to use track principles but never able to get rid of grass. I knew they would benefit from being in a herd on a track and when ill health made DIY almost impossible I took them to PB. It was supposed to be an interim measure while I recovered and found somewhere to keep them nearer home but that was two years ago. They have done so well there, stable weight fantastic feet happy and relaxed that I can’t move them unless I can replicate what they have here. Alyson does a fantastic job and I have seen other horses rehab on the tracks sometimes nothing short of miraculous. Highly recommend.' - Alex, Luna and Mist's owner

Mist came to us with EMS in July 2019, having suffered a bout of laminitis the year before. As you can see from the first image, Mist had quite a big, hard crest with fat pads that covered his shoulders and bum. His Mum did a great job of keeping Mist sound under difficult circumstances, so we've been happy to help aid his recovery. 

He is kept in Herd 3 with his friend Luna (same owner), on a non grass track system with access to 24/7 adlib meadow hay. As you can see, he's lost his fatty areas and has definitely become track fit. Mist and Luna are still in retirement with us. 

Mist was very attached to Luna when they first arrived together and would constantly follow her around and put himself in between her and other horses in the herd. After being in a herd environment since their arrival with us last year, Mist now feels confident enough to walk off by himself or surround himself with other members of the herd to sleep, eat or play. 

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