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Louie - unfinished


Name: Louie

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: August 2022

Age: 13

Breed: Irish Draught x Thoroughbred

Height: 16.2hh

Medical Issues: Arthritis and grass affected

Rehabilitation: Shod to barefoot, hoof rehabilitation, heel pain, issues with his back end and explosive behaviour (grass affected)

Day of arrival:

Louie is here with us to undergo some rehabilitation regarding his 'grass-affected' related behavioural issues, specifically surrounding being explosive under the saddle and issues with his back end. His owner also had his shoes removed 2 weeks prior to his arrival so he could be rehabilitated with us. 

It's clear Louie is very tight through his back end, SI and hamstrings and stands with his legs quite tucked under him. We should also see an improvement with this with an improvement in his hoofs, particularly the hind.

16th of August, 2022 - before first trim:


We have discovered that Louie has some deep sulcus thrush in his one back hoof and is experiencing some heel pain caused by his contracted heels. Due to a combination of issues including said heel pain, he is experiencing some stiffness, soreness and tightness through his back end. His movement is quite short and tight because of this and his strides are very choppy. 

Louie's digital cushion and contracted heels should improve with increased movement and a natural trim. Once his sub-clinical Laminitis has grown out, we should see a tight white line too.

Front left, before trim -

Front right, before trim -

Back left, before trim -

Back right, before trim -