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Name: Jesse

Livery Type: Retirement

Arrival Date: February 2019

Age: 33

Breed: Arab

Height: 15.2hh

Medical Issues: Cushings, mild Arthritis and little to no teeth

Rehabilitation: Underweight upon arrival due to lack of teeth

Before her arrival, Jan 2019:

Currently in Retirement at age 32, 2022:

Jesse has no teeth and is on a grass track system with her friend Bramble on a 'slop' diet and additional finely chopped chaff. 

September 2022.jpg



'My pony has been part of my daughter's and my own life for 15 years. We have both enjoyed many hours riding her, grooming her and caring for her and she has enhanced our life no end. When it was no longer possible to ride her, some said, she has become too expensive to keep and we should think of having her put down. I was deeply upset by these comments, she deserved the very best care in her old age, yet old as she is, she is still a beautiful, majestic, loving animal. It was at this point Alyson, Julian & Maddie came into our lives and gave her the chance to live out her days in beautiful, caring surroundings.....a place where she can just go back to been 'a horse' again. I couldn't wish for better and although we don't get to see her as often as we would like, she is happy and well cared for and we couldn't wish for anything more.' - Lisa, Jesse's owner

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