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Inca - continued elsewhere


Name: Inca

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: February 2020

Age: 10

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Height: 14.3hh

Medical Issues: Laminitis, DDFT tear

Rehabilitation: Hoof rehabilitation, on off lameness and  and resource guarding behaviours

Inca arrived in February 2020 with her field companion Oscar, after 18 months of on off lameness due to a DDFT tear and suspected Laminitis. A month prior to moving to PB, Inca suffered another bout of Laminitis which meant along with her ongoing tendon injury, she was unlevel upon arrival. 

Inca, a 10 year old American QH, also had various grass affected issues which was also apparent on arrival and additionally, had very complex trust issues that affected her behaviour around hay, other horses and the staff members of PB. A few weeks after their initial arrival, Inca and Oscar were separated and placed into different herds.

Within a few months of Inca being at PB, she went from fairly severe resource guarding behaviours and choosing to be on the outside of the herd, to sharing her hay with other horses. Inca's resource guarding issues were something a life of restriction has made her incredibly anxious about doing in the past and we quickly noticed Inca was very defensive in her actions and did not like other horses or staff invading her personal space. It was a very big win for Inca the day we saw her grooming with herd member and retiree Mist. 


During the time Inca spent with us at PB, approximately 4-5 months, we worked on transitioning Inca from shod to barefoot whilst growing out any previous Laminitis. The movement from life on track was also majorly beneficial to Inca and contributed greatly in the improvement of her lameness and allowed her hoofs to grow in a much more supportive way for her body. 

Whilst continuing to improve around other horses, Inca had detoxed off of any grass within 6 weeks and was showing improvements with her grass-related issues. Additionally, we made immense progress on being around Inca and general touching whilst eating amongst other things. 

Inca and Oscar left us on 31st of July 2020, moving to another track livery closer to their owner's home. On departure, Inca's toes had started to come back but due to leaving before completing their rehabilitation, she still had a way to go with her general hoof transformation and was still week in the quarters. She was able to stand with her body weight over her front feet but was not 100% square on the back. 

Please note - although Inca was making great progress, her rehabilitation wasn't finished when she left.

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