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Name: Fergus

Livery Type: Rehabilitation and then Retirement

Arrival Date: 1st August 2020

Age: 24 on arrival

Breed: Welsh Section A

Height: 11.2hh

Medical Issues: EMS, sub-clinical Laminitis

Rehabilitation: Sub-clinical Laminitis and EMS

This Fergus, a 24 year old who came up to us for Rehab and then Retirement with EMS and sub clinical Laminitis.

As you can see in the top body photo, Fergus came with fat pads on his shoulders, along his bum and above his eyes. He was first put on our smaller track system with our smallest herd which is made up of our very grass sensitive/lami prone ponies. This track has absolutely no grass whatsoever, and instead they have a diet of adlib meadow hay, a small bucket feed for salt and Calm Healthy Horses products once a day and forage from trees/hedges/nettles.

September 2020:

October 2020.jpg

Hoof Update - 27th September 2020:

Fergus has a stretched white line from sub clinical lami, that had been grumbling for a while. While not on any grass, he was restricted of movement before he arrived at PB. His owners had done a great job with taking him out on walks and getting him moving but realised he needed something more. Although he has come to retire on the track, Fergus is undergoing rehab first. His owners did note that his feet didn’t really need trimming very often, this in itself it not always a good sign.


Body update - July 2021:


His crest has reduced, his bum has rounded (notice how he had a flat upper bum) and the fat pads on his shoulder have also gone. You can see his neck and shoulders are also much more defined now. Fergus will continue to live with his mates on Herd 2 while his fitness and strength increase daily thanks to life on track - updates to come.

Fergis Bum Before and After.jpg
July 2021 Comparison.jpg

Body update - February 2022:


Fergus arrived carrying a lot of weight with a visible hard crest, fat pads above his eyes and a flat upper bum lined with fat pads. Since Fergus' arrival in September 2020, his crest has softened, he has lost his fat pads that lined his bum and shoulders, and has gained some great muscle definition.

Fergus Winter Comparrison - Copy.jpg

Hoof update - May 2022:


There's quite a jump time wise between the two hoof pictures but it's great to see the positive changes a species appropriate diet, daily movement and the natural trim can make. Both Fergus' heels and hoof have widened with time and more importantly, he is sound and laminitis free.


'Fergus had been on and off Laminitic since the passing of his field mate when his world was turned upside down, diagnosed ems and on and off box rest for 12 months, we were running out of options, we knew that the way he was living was wrong, stuck in a box, limited food and no socialisation with other ponies.. we knew the solution was definitely no grass and lots of movement but didn't know of anywhere that could cater for his needs. One day we thought we would just Google track livery and see.. we found PB only 20 minutes from home!! After a phone call and visit with Alyson we knew we had to move him to PB and within a month he was on rehabilitation livery. Eight months on we now have a sound happy relaxed pony who is living free range in a herd with all the food he wants. Thanks to Alyson and her family with there expert care and knowledge Fergus now has a future which was a major doubt this time last year. Can not tell you how happy it makes us to see him living his retirement so naturally in such a calm relaxed purpose built environment for his needs. Thank you Sharpe family.' - Sue, Fergus's owner

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