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Name: Domino

Livery Type: Retirement 

Arrival Date: 25th May 2024

Age: 18

Breed: Cob

Height: 14hh

Medical Issues: EMS

Rehabilitation: Hoof rehabilitation and EMS

Although Domino is with us for retirement, he has arrived with a few health concerns that we would like to see improve during his time here. One of the reasons his owner has moved him across the country to be with us is to increase his movement and allow him more space and enrichment.

As you can see from the photo below, Dom has very large fat pads which are particularly prominent over his bottom and shoulders, with a classic apple/love heart shape and a large 'lumpy' fat pad that sits directly on top. He also generally needs to lose quite a bit of weight, which will be achieved through movement on Herd 3's track system and with access to adlib hay, as always.  

Dom's previous trims weren't ideal, so we are hoping to see an improvement in his hooves too. He will temporarily be on a 4 week trim cycle until we see some improvement, and then we go onto a normal 6 week cycle. His toes have been left quite long and his heels quite high, so over the next coming months we will be slowly adjusting him so he is more comfortable and the hoof more functional. We also noted that he has put down a lot of sole from lack of movement, which has resulted in some bruising in both front feet. We're keen to see how his hooves improve over the next 6 months.

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