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Boris - continued at home


Name: Boris

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: September 2019

Age: 3

Breed: Shire x Hanoverian 

Height: 17hh +

Medical Issues: N/A

Rehabilitation: Hoof and body rehabilitation, help with general balance and trim sessions

Before arrival:


Day 1 of Rehabilitation - September 2019:

Boris has come to us as a 3 year old after his new owners realised he needs a helping hand with the state of his feet. Boris has a few issues such as he is particularly weak behind, twitchy to touch and has full thickness cracks on both front feet. Before his new owners bought him, he hadn't been trimmed properly and finds it very hard to balance behind as a result.


June 2020:

Boris continued his hoof rehabilitation at home with his owners. 

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