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Bob - completed


Name: Bob

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: January 2021

Age: 12-14

Breed: Irish Cob

Height: 14.1hh

Medical Issues: obese, chronic stifle injury, tear in right medial meniscus

Rehabilitation: Body transformation

Bob was already previously kept on a track at home by his owner to manage his dietary needs, however he has still struggled with his weight and a chronic stifle injury.


First body update - March 2021:

Bob is currently in Herd 3 on our 3/4 mile, non grass track system and is doing really well so far. As you can see by the before and after photos, Bob has lost a lot of weight being on our track and seems to like charging and cantering around whenever he can, so we hope come summer Bob will be some what track fit too. More body and feet photos to come during his retirement.


Final update - January 2022 :


Bob has gone back home to his owner to retire on her new land. 


'My Bob the Cob went to PB on January the 10th 2021, mainly for retirement livery due to a chronic stifle injury but also he was overweight. I was so happy for him as he had had laminitis before he was mine and there were no local facilities where he could be within a herd but be restricted from too much grass. At PB, he could have lots of company but without the risk of laminitis.

Within a couple of months he looked fabulous, he'd lost his excess weight and was so calm and settled. I know that it was the perfect place for Bob and would thoroughly recommend PB Retirement and Rehabilitation for your horse or pony.' - Christine, Bob's owner

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