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Barney - continued at home


Name: Barney

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: September 2021

Age: 20

Breed: Welsh Section D

Height: 14.3hh

Medical Issues: Chronic Laminitis, EMS and Cushings

Rehabilitation: Boots to barefoot, Laminitis, EMS and mood

Barney upon arrival in September 2021:

Barney is here to undergo full body rehabilitation and has arrived in boots and pads with Chronic Laminitis and obvious hoof deformities. He also has fat pads all over his body including above his eyes, rump, shoulders and crest.   


First Hoof Update - January 2022:


Barney has been with us roughly 3 months now for Rehab. He first arrived with boots and pads, and spent a short period of time in our smallest track with the more compromised members of our livery. He is now a member of Herd 2 and will stay with this herd until the end of his Rehab. 

As you can see so far, he has had some new growth at the top which has grown in since being with us, at the correct healing angle. We will continue with a barefoot trim, a species appropriate diet and lots of movement to grow the laminitis out. On the image below, you can see the red arrows show event lines where something occurred that then compromised the hoof. This could be a change in diet, environment, medication etc.


Second Hoof Update - February/March 2022:

Body Update - April 2022:

Barney has now lost his fat pads along his bum, shoulders and neck that can be seen in the first arrival photo above. Whilst rehabilitating horses with Laminitis and EMS, we often find they lose their fat pads and then appear quite scrawny with no real muscle.  Now he has lost said fat pads, we will work on Barney gaining some healthy weight (fat pad free) on a low sugar, low potassium, high fibre diet whilst he also builds up some muscle as well on track. 

Barney Body Update - April.jpeg

Third Hoof Update - May 2022:

A combination of before and after trim pictures on the same day. 

Fourth Hoof Update - June 2022:

A combination of before and after trim photos on the same day.

Body Update - June 2022:

Barney is making great progress and so we will continue to work on building up some muscle. 


Hoof Update - July 2022: