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Name: Bamroc

Livery Type: Retirement

Arrival Date: September 2021

Age: 16

Breed: Welsh

Height: 14hh

Medical Issues: Laminitis and EMS

Rehabilitation: Shod to barefoot, hoof rehabilitation, EMS, Laminitis and extreme anxiety, specially around other horses and resources

Bamroc's arrival in September 2021:

Bamroc is here for retirement but due to the nature of our set up, will naturally go through a rehabilitation period anyway. He has arrived not long having his shoes removed and as you can see, has some old Laminitis to grow out. Although he's not over weight, he does have EMS and so fat pads can be seen over his bum (giving off a very square look), over his shoulders, above his eyes and he also has a crest too. 

Behaviour wise, Bamroc has fairly severe anxiety mostly around hard feed, hay and bonding with other horses. 

First Hoof Update - September 2021:

Bamroc has his first trim quite soon after his arrival in September. We can see he has some thrush, slightly contracted heels and some separation at the toe from a bout of Laminitis he had earlier on in the year. 

EMS Update - March 2022:

We didn't think to take a photo of Bamroc's face when he first arrived but after being with us for a few months now, we have noticed a huge difference. If you look closely, you can see in the top left image Bamroc had some fat pads sitting just above his eyes. The other 3 photos are very recent - again, not the best photos but you can see he's lost the fat that once sat there. 

Bamroc eye comparison.jpg

Second Hoof Update - May 2022:

A combination of before and after trim.

Body Update - June 2022:

Bamroc has now lost the fat pads that lined his shoulders, eyes and neck (crest). He also had fat pads along his bottom which gave him bum a square appearance which you can see have now disappeared. Although Bam has lost the fat pads, he isn't putting on the healthy weight he should be gaining, with access to adlib hay and a bucket feed daily. We are going to have his teeth examined to see if there's any issues causing this plateau in progress. This weight loss was achieved given Bam the freedom to move, not by restricting his food intake.

Body Shot June 2022.jpg

Third Hoof Update - August 2022:

In comparison to the photos taken on arrival in September 2021, you can now see there is no longer any laminitic stretch and his heels and hoof in general have widened. You can also see his hoof has continued to grow at the correct angle and his heels have lowered. He no longer has any signs of Laminitis in his feet.