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Do your horses have access to grass?

No, the horses at PB do not have any access to grass. We are a Paddock Paradise livery with three non-grass tracks and instead feed adlib meadow hay.

How do you judge who joins what herd?

We have three herds at PB and do not add horses based on breed, age, size or gender. Our smallest herd and track is for our most compromised horses and ponies, who are struggling with lameness or ongoing (complex) medical issues.

Our other two herds are sorted more on a personality basis. 'Herd 2' is typically a very laid back herd so any quieter horses, horses who are bit slower due to age or horses who aren't used to living in a herd will typically get placed in this herd. 'Herd 3' is our more active, big personalities herd - ideal for horses who struggle with obesity, EMS and so on. We, of course, discuss this with the owners beforehand. 

Who is your farrier/trimmer?

Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters is our resident AANHCP/ISNHCP Hoof Care Practitioner (HCP) and was trained by Jaime Jackson, the founder of the Paddock Paradise and the Natural Trim. We have been using Georgie as our resident HCP for over a decade. You can read more about her here. 

Do you take shod horses?

We do not take shod horses but we can and have extensive experience in transitioning your horse from shod to barefoot while they're a PB resident.

Do you have stables?

No, PB does not have any stables. We instead use field shelters mixed with natural shelter and rug when (if) needed. 

Can my horse be given feed?

Yes, we are happy to feed your horse if you would like us to and will let owners know if their currently non bucket fed horse would benefit from feed too. 

Do you turn out horses into paddocks?

No, we do not turn out horses into paddocks. We are a Paddock Paradise livery which you can read more about here.

Do you take ridden liveries?

Yes, we do take ridden liveries! We have recently expanded and opened a second Paddock Paradise livery yard which is solely for ridden horses. You can view the ridden yard here.

Can I arrange a visit before I make a decision?

We strongly encourage potential liveries to book an appointment with us before you make a decision. We will give you a tour of the livery, welcome any questions and can discuss your equines needs in length. 

My horse is only young, can I still retire him with you?

Absolutely, we have no issue with taking younger retired horses. We have had retired horses from 7 years old up to 31 years old, each horse and owner is individual. Despite being retired, your horse will remain active due to the nature of the Paddock Paradise. We also take on youngsters (non ridden) under the long term stay package. 

My horse isn't overweight nor a 'good doer'. Can I still bring my horse?

Yes, the Paddock Paradise is beneficial to our equines in a multitude of ways. Gaining weight and building muscle is just one of many. 

What type of hay do you feed?

At PB we feed adlib meadow hay which is low in sugar and species appropriate for our equines. 

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