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What we feed our Oldies

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

While we're in the middle of Winter, we're seeing more and more questions being asked about how to keep weight on a horse or pony that is old through Winter.

This is Jesse, a beautiful 31 YO Arab - a Retirement of ours who also has a very small amount of teeth at the front.

We feed her the following - Hay Cobs, Copra, Linseed and Meadow Nuts as well as Salt and Vitamins (Vits sourced from Calm Healthy Horses). This is made into a wet mash that not only is easy for her to eat with the little teeth she has, but also aids with gut function. Jesse also receives an additional bucket of Thunderbrooks Chaff (finely chopped).

When feeding an oldie, you need to feed a high fibre, low sugar diet with no nasties or fillers. High quality vitamins are also highly beneficial to their diet. This sort of feed is Laminitic friendly and great for horses who drop weight easily or horses with little teeth.

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