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Jaime Jackson is a 40-year veteran hoof care professional, author, researcher and noted expert on both wild and domestic horses. A pioneer in the practice of natural horse care, Jaime regularly travelled to the U.S. Great Basin from 1982 to 1986 to spend time observing the horses in their natural environment as well as gathering specific data on their hooves with the assistance of the U.S. government. He first wrote of this in the wake of his wild horse studies in the U.S. Great Basin, in his seminal work, The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild, released by Northland Publishing in 1992.


"Welcome to “Paddock Paradise”, natural horse care advocate Jaime Jackson’s ground-breaking adventure in natural boarding for horses! Based on Jackson’s legendary research on wild horses, Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model for safe, natural horse keeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of Paddock Paradise is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. “This is the key,” according to Jackson, “to having physically and mentally healthier horses.” This unique and unprecedented model is adaptable to virtually all size horse properties, regardless of climate, and fits all equine breeds regardless of how they are used."

“This book provides a concise and useful guide for horse owners to take immediate and productive action against laminitis and keep it out of their horses’ lives once and for all . . . Nipping away at the edges of the [laminitis] plague, NHC continues to grow with adherents who want nothing better than what is good for their horses. So, the answer lies not in a drug-addicted world of ‘treating symptoms’ but in the holistic fold of equine vitality. There is no shortage of things that we all can, and should, do to support this end: more responsible horse ownership, good science, good research, safe feeds, safe drugs, and a revolutionary new vanguard of allied services that inure to the healthful vitality of the horse, not a perpetual state of laminitis. But we’ll never see any of it, if we persist in the delusion that the current stream of ‘profits at all costs’ — the industrialization of laminitis — equates to the well-being of the horse. It doesn’t, and the intent of this book is to show why, while pointing to a good path to get ourselves and our horses on ‘at all costs’.”


"The is the new, updated and fully revised edition of Jaime Jackson's original and classic work on natural hoof care. Teeming with hundreds of exciting photographs and technical drawings. This is the premier work on natural trimming and high performance barefooted horses.Jackson invites horse owners, farriers, and vets from all equine disciplines to learn more about this unprecedented development in the horse world: genuine natural hoof care based on the most perfect hoof care model in the world - the wild horse hoof. "If you want your horse to be sound, live a long and full life, and be in possession of the best possible feet any of us could ever imagine, then join me in the greatest hoof care adventure of your life. Natural hoof care is where it's at."


"THE WILD, FREE-ROAMING HORSE of the U.S. Great Basin has given us a new vision for a vibrant and healthy natural horse. That vision is embodied in this newly updated and classic work, The Natural Horse: Lessons From the Wild. Paddock Paradise. Based on wild horse family band movements in their native ranges, Paddock Paradise is a unique tracking system within which horses living together in groups forge their own paths. Horse owners disburse hay and other essentials along these paths to stimulate movement and vitality "on track." Reasonably Natural Diet. Jackson took note in his range studies of the complexity of the wild horse diet. He and his colleagues have deduced a safe diet for horses, but urge the university sector to enter wild horse country to give the wild horse diet the comprehensive research it deserves. Natural Rider. Jackson holds that a paradigm for the natural rider should be rooted in the Natural Gait Complex of the species as seen in the wild. To this end he has laid out a painstaking analysis of the natural gaits based on his observations of wild horse behaviours. The Natural Trim. As a professional hoof man fully aware of the damaging effects of shoeing on the horse's hoof, Jackson saw the need to enter wild horse country to see what nature intended for the horse's hoof, and then report his findings. The Natural Horse delivers that message and a trimming method."

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