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Autumn - ongoing


Name: Autumn

Livery Type: Rehabilitation

Arrival Date: 14th September 2023

Age: 15

Breed: Unknown

Height: 13.2hh

Medical Issues: Laminitis, EMS & allergies

Rehabilitation: Hoof & Laminitis rehab, EMS

Autumn's owner attended our first online 'Managing Laminitis & EMS' course at the beginning of July, 2023. After learning about what we do and the benefits of a track system, Autumn is now here for roughly 6 months so we can get her started on her rehabilitation journey and Autumn's owner can begin the build of her track for Autumn to return to. 

Autumn arrived with Laminitis and EMS, fat pads and laminitic stretch, also known as separation of the white line. Her owner has been using boots to keep her comfortable and has also been battling to get some thrush under control. 

With a species appropriate diet in place and the movement achieved on track, we expect to see an improvement in the thrush and for a new healing angle to form showing the reconnection of the Lamini, with several months growth before she returns home. We also expect to see some weight loss and for the fat pads to go, which will be achieved with increased movement but never restricted forage. 

September 2023 - Autumn's first trim, a combination of before and after on both front feet:

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